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10th day on xeloda I had two days of charcoal colored stool followed by
two bouts of diarreah and back to normal stools.  Gave me a scare and was referred by hematologist  to the gastro doc that first diagnosed my ampulla blockage, no blood revealed in the rectal exam and lab for hemagloban was normal.
Stopped xeloda and radiation one day and resumed 1/2 dose of zeloda
and radiation on friday. will rest the weekend and see how it goes next week.  did anyone experience a very dark stool following whipple surgery,??
I am 10 weeks post op and it gave me a scare.  no other symptoms of
internal bleeding.  I wonder if it could have been some of the healing of internal surgical sites.  Hoping for some reassurance.
Regards, Ray

Re: dark stool

One cause of dark stools is slower transit time in the intestines. If your digestive tract hasnt gone back to normal, that could be a cause. Plus, some medicines slow down the digestion process.


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Re: dark stool

I had a whipple in May and stools have been light-coloured since.  I'm not on any medication and I'm not on chemo.  It may be the medication that's causing the dark stools.


Re: dark stool

Thanks for the replies, not sure what I've updated on my findings with the dark stool, but an endoscopy last week revealed stomach erosion, probably form the Xeloda.  Slight bleeding (slow) in the stomach lining and at the
site of the sutures.  with the 3 meds given for the stomach problem I am feeling better and no dark stools in 7 days.
thanks for everyone's replies.
Regards, Ray