Topic: I'm all alone

It's been five months since my Wayne went away.  We had made a pac that one would not go and leave the other one here, I wish I would have gone with him.  I'm so tired of being here without him.  School has started, so my routine is back(I'm a aide), but it is so hard.  Not only did I lose my love of my life, but I lost most of my income.  It seems like everything is breaking, and there is no money.  We pay a trash pick-up every four months, I can't pay for it so they picked up the trash can.  I will lose the internet as soon as the bill gets pass due which will probably be in a week or two.  I can't buy food, or medicine.  I'm diabetic so I'm suppose to watch my food, what food.  I'm on nine different presciptions, but I have to pick and choose which ones to keep taking.  My life revolved around my husband, he had been sick for 24 years.  How far is Heaven when can I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to my Wayne for 36 years
I'm not a widow, I am a wife
We are only apart for heaven's sake
You are waiting for me at heaven's gate

Re: I'm all alone

Sweet Missingwayne....I feel deeply for you in this horrible time. I am sorry that things are so bad. I am praying for you.

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Dad has been gone for almost 6 months now and mom feels the same as you.  I talked to a counselor and they said 6-9 months is the hardest for the spouse.  My heart and prayers are with you.