Topic: Xeloda causing stomach erosion

The gastro doc did an endoscopy on 8/10/10 to determine the cause of the dark stools.  Determination is I have erosion in the stomach lining (early ulcers) and at the suture site from the whipple surgery.  Believe it is from the Xeloda and I will see the Hematologist today to determine what will be done to alter or discontinue treatment during the healing process. 
Also he found I have a yeast infection in the esophagus which is being treated with Floconazole for two weeks.
I've only been on the Xeloda for 12 days and had a few days that I had to discontinue due to diarrhea and stomach discomfort.

I know side effects differ in older folks, so at 77 this may not be so unusual.

I will keep you posted on my propgress.