Topic: What are the alternative ways of relieving Jaundice in 10 days?

My uncle was diagnosed with CC about month a go. They discovered it becuase of his Jaundice state. The hospitals here in Birmingham said that they would not be able to operate and they said he would have up to a year to live after they releived his jaundice.

We got him referred to St James in Leeds for a second opinion. The consultant there said that he would relieve the jaundice state with a stent and was willing to operate on him to remove the tumour. However, the radiologist disagreed with the Consultant and said that he shouldn't do the procedure to releive the jaundice. Now after this the consultant did an explorotary operation and tried to see if he could surgically try to remove the Jaundice. Unfortunately it was a no go. My uncle's bile ducts are too damaged.

The consultant has now said that we he will attempt the operation even though my uncle is in a Jaundice state in a couple of weeks time but has also told us not to pin our hopes on it. There is a 10 percent risk that my uncle may not recover frm this operation, and even if it is successful it may give him another 18months of life.

We, his family together with my uncle have decided to give the operation a chnace. Its like he says' do i ave a choice'? He has a 5yr old son, 3yr old daughter, and a 5week only baby boy. He as every reason to live and fight against this desease to prolong his life. It breaks me to peices to watch young family.

If anyone can offer me any advice what so ever on alternative treatment to relieve his jaundice and to got him fit for this major surgery please contact me IMMEDIATELY. 

I thank you in advance for taking this time to read the post and pray that you have the strength to get through any difficult time that you and your family may be going through.

A x

Re: What are the alternative ways of relieving Jaundice in 10 days?

my husband recently had a stent by pass put in to remove the bile in his system and now he doesn't have the jaundice anymore.

We are trying alterative therapies but the stent was very important in his therapy. We are trying a diet free of sugar, fats etc. plus gumbi-gumbi tea and an aboriginal remedy here in australia


Re: What are the alternative ways of relieving Jaundice in 10 days?

I agree with Jenny.   Stents, often inserted via an ERCP, are commonly used to relieve jaundice.  Surgery is often done very soon after the stent is inserted.  In my case it was 2 weeks.
The search for alternatives may be difficult.  When it is the physical mass of  a tumor blocking the flow of bile the mass must be removed or bypassed.  Tumors have been known to shrink and disappear, sometimes as the result of 'alternative' treatments, but sadly this is not the normal case.


Re: What are the alternative ways of relieving Jaundice in 10 days?

Hi Peter & everyone

Sadly my husband Alan passed away from this dreadful disease on the 15th February. There wasn't enough time for the alternatives to work. He had breathing difficulties towards the end and though he had faith in the alternatives, there wasn't enough time for him.