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Has any taken the 5FU chemo? If so can you tell me some of the side effects?
There was a place on this site to look at different chemo's but I can't seem to find it.

Thanks, Cherryle

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My husband took Xeloda which is the pill form of 5FU. He really didn't have any side effects. Others here have though. I think it depends on dosage. The larger dose you are given the more intense your side effects will be.   Mary

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My mom was taking Xeloda but last time they told her they were going to change it to the 5FU due to some side effects she was having from Xeloda. I'm not sure what's going on with that. She goes for chemo and to the dr. this Thursday so we'll know more then.

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I am on 5FU at the minute (I actually finish it tomorrow after 30 doses)  It did make me quite sick at times, it was strange as some months were better than others.  I also got:
Bad taste usually lasts about a week
Sore mouth i.e. gums etc you can get good mouth washes for this
Sore lips they seemed to blister and can be sore but you get a very good paste for this
Skin dried up on hands and fingers, not much of a problem a good hand cream sorts this out although the tips of my fingers sometimes get sore but all in all not a big issue.
You also tend to get an upset tummy and run to the toilet quite a bit this seems to get worse as the months progress but you can get very good tables to sort this out. 
My hair thinned but I still have a good head of hair.
Tiredness is a big problem but you have deal with it as best you can again it gets worse as the time progresses, you just do what you can, if I have plans in the evening I tend to rest alot more during the day. 

My Minister advised me that I needed to be selfish and to look after myself first, that is hard espically as I have a wife and 3 year old son, but at the end of the day you have to be selfish so to speak and take care of yourself first.  6 months seems along time but it does go in quicker than you might think.  I hope this helps and does not put you off I am glad I went through with the treatment.