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I can't even deal with a regular day.  Disaster strikes nearly everyday, maybe to some people it wouldn't be a disaster, but after it builds he over whelms you.  I go to the doctor last week I told her about my breakdown last week she told me I needed to make a extra appointment with the therapist, and to remove the guns from my house.  At the end of the week I had given the guns to my daughter and had made a appointment with the
therapist.  She told me to call someone before it gets to the that point, 911 or the local call center.  She also told me to get someone to do something with for the weekend.

Friday night after the meeting, I had lots of energy, I started to get things done at my house.  As I was changing a light bulb, it broke and the bulb part out into my hand.  I decided to listen to what Wayne would do, take needle nose plowers and remove the metal part, I didn't remember that the thing already has metal in it, so I took the lightbulb part and the metal part out, now NO light.  Saturday, I took care of my five year old granddaughter
it was so much fun until about 4 o'clock my nerves started to mess up.

Sunday, I ran over the water thing behind to refridgerator, a three foot of water hose leaked 3 inches of water onto the floor.  Luckily later my son came and fixed that. 

Monday morning my Mom goes in the hospital.  Tuesday I found out by law I'm not entitled to my husband's settlement from his father's death.  Only children can get something out of it, wives of 36 years don't count.

Wednesday Mom gets to go back to the nursing home, she is feeling better.
That afternoon I found out they were going to cut my sewer off, I told them money goes nowhere they did not care, five days or cut off.

I didn't know that losing your husband made you a second class citizen or less.  Well today is half over I'm just waiting for the sky to fall in on my head.

There should be a law when one goes the other automaticly goes with them.

Terry lost more than ever

Love to my Wayne for 36 years
I'm not a widow, I am a wife
We are only apart for heaven's sake
You are waiting for me at heaven's gate

Re: Dealing with Holidays?????

Dear Terry - Nothing can be so devastating as what you are going through. It is just so hard. All the things you have to take care of that were not your responsibility and life has the gall to keep going on AND adding to your load. Remember the good years you had with Wayne and the strength you could draw from him. Even though he is not here, he would support you in every possible way if he could. As hard as it is, let your grief come. It will gradually become less acute pain and you will make it. Keep posting, keep writing, keep getting those feelings outside of your body so you can survive. Know that people care about your loss. We are facing the type of loss you have recently suffered and I pray you will be around to help me when my time comes. I don't know how to go on without my husband and I'll be looking for your posts. I am praying that God will bring you peace. Blessings, Susan

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Re: Dealing with Holidays?????


I am a big fan of going back and reading old posts here, not sure if you have visited the post that Pauline started way back when but it helped get me through a lot. Even when I didn't post anything it was helpful to read and know that others were feeling the same things I was.

The holidays will be hard, I try to focus on the kids in the family and how they are part of traditions we shared with our mom.

Not sure where you are in Louisiana but here is the number for a 24 hour crisis line out of Baton Rouge:

(225) 924-3900 or (800) 437-0303

Here is the link to their website, you can also chat online with a crisis counselor:

Hope this helps,