Topic: Thank You, Mark

I attended an author event tonight for this book:

It was really inspiring, it took her 10 years to write this book and finally get some recognition for Henrietta Lacks and I see parallels with our struggle to get people to notice cc.

I think Mark Clements is our Henrietta, for those of you who are new to the board and haven't had a chance to look around the website, he is the reason we have this little refuge here, see:

Henrietta Lacks made an incredible contribution to medicine and science but her story is also tragic. Everyone has benefited from the medical advances that her cells made possible but everyone's gain was also her family's loss as she died of cervical cancer at 31, leaving behind young children just as Mark did.

I read that at some other event to recognize Henrietta they passed out t-shirts that said "Thank You, Henrietta" so maybe we can have t-shirts that say "Thank You, Mark" or maybe we can add that to the wristbands?