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Just thought I would post a quick update. My uncle had surgery/liver resection in Leeds on Thursday.. it went as well as could be exected - took 11 hours! the waiting felt more like days. He's doing okay so far, but he did give us a scare on the night of the surgery as his blood pressure dropped drastically. Internal bleeding was ruled out after an ultrasund - they thought it maybe due to the epidural and dehydration. He is now awake but again its the waiting game to see whether the remaining liver is funtioning. Things are more complicated because he had this operation in a jaundice state - his billirium level was 386 at one point but then 311 just before he went in. The other thing concerning me was that he also passed some blood in his urine. Not at all sure what this means yet- hopefully its nothing but I cant help but feel concerned. hopefully I'll get a chnce to post another update soon. God bless xx

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Hi AK,  Sounds like your uncle had quite a surgery.  Did they do more than just a liver resection?  Hope he is holding his own.  Prayers and thoughts are cominfg your way.
Jeff G.  P.S.  Prayers to his anxious and awaiting family also.  This is so so hard especially when you have such young children involved.

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Re: My uncle has had the surgery...

We're all crossing our fingers and hoping for the best for your uncle and his family!!!
- Joyce

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Thanks for your messages. I'm not sure if it was more than a liver resection.
He's still in hospital, his billirubin level was falling after the surgery but then rose again last week. They think it maybe because of an infection but the antibiotics don't seem to be doing much however the level has fallen from 320 to 306. We were so happy when it had gone down to 215. Not sure what happened! We do know that his Consultant is really good and is trying his best for him. On the plus side my uncle sounds very well when I talk to him on the phone, and his itching has stopped which in itself is helping with his quality of like.

Thanks you so much for your prayers. We have also had tremendous support from our community and I do feel that these prayers are hleping us all though. May God continue to help you both and your families also.