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To our dear CC Family. It was the most beautiful service ever! EVER! There are no words to describe the love in that Church today and a lot of us agreed, if 2 faiths could hold a joint Ceremony, possibly the world could learn from it?
Later family hung around here until 28 of us (all family) went to dinner. I had been giving some more "stuff" to the Grandkids when I had this glorious idea. We ALL went to eat wearing one of Teddy's sweaters! It was hysterical. Here were 24 of the 28 of us wearing  sweaters or shirts of Teddy's.
Some I even sprayed with his cologne. There were about 4 of us in the closet with about 8 more in the bedroom and while we were having fun picking out sweaters.......the closet light went out again! 
I have my moments but it's already getting better, I am so sourrounded by Teddy. Oh, and P.S. The Director of Hospice did come and did seek me out. Perhaps we will talk later. Also our favorite nurse showed up as well. I am sure it was the best day Teddy ever had. Margaret...don't you worry at all about Teddy giving Tom some guidance. Are you kidding? T should say no to a football buddy!!!


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I am thrilled that the day went so well and how exciting for each of you to wear one of Teddy's sweaters to dinner. That is a great idea and how fun! You truly celebrated his life today and I am sure he is smiling - he was there with you in the closet too. I prayed for you today as I thought it would be a difficult day but it sounds like you did just fine. My heart is will you. Love, Susan

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I am so glad that there was a celebration of life as opposed to mourning. From your postings, Teddy chose to live each day - he wasn't dying of cancer as much as living with cancer. And the sweaters and shirts to dinner -absolutely brilliant!

Love and prayers coming your way,

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Dear Lainy,

I have been thinking of you and your family.  I am so glad the celebration went so well. It sounds truly beautiful.

The thought of you all in Teddys sweatshirts makes me laugh, and sounds like it made Teddy chuckle too.

Much Love

Andrea x

Devoted Daughter to the most wonderful Dad a girl could ask for.  Sadly lost his battle on 19.02.11, peacefully in the arms of Mom and I.  As requested by Dad "we will keep on smiling".

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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful ...

Lainy - what beautiful memories have been created by Teddy's special day!

Well done, and I hope the love you feel surrounding you now buoys you up in the days to come. 

No one and nothing can now ever change the special love you and Teddy have for each other.

Helen xx

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Thank you Lainy for lettings us know how the day went, it does indeed sound like it was such a beautiful service. And yes, the world could indeed learn a lot from two faiths coming together.

Mum asked me to pass on her best wishes to you again.



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I love the idea of everyone wearing one of T's sweaters for the Celebration of his life!  I'm certain that everyone of you felt close to T while wearing one of his sweaters.


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Thanks for letting us know how things went.  It sounds like it went very well and was a lovely day of celebration and remembrance.  I can just picture all of you in Teddy's sweaters.   smile

Love & Hugs,

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I'm so pleased that Teddy's celebration of life went so well for you and all the family.   What a wonderful memory to cherish.

Take care.............................Gerry

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Lainy, you are such a very special person.  May god continue to give you this positive strength.  Keep on being the "hoot" that you are!  We love you.

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Lainy, we all knew it would be a spectacular day.  Even though you were dreading it - it sounds like it was the perfect remembrance for a great man - with a great wife and family.  You have so many great memories - and this just adds to them all.

All my best - and a big virtual hug.


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