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Dear Fellow Friends,

My dad is on his 2nd regimen of Chemotherapy.  After his 1st regiment of FOLFOX (Oxaliplatin, Leucorovin, 5-FU) his CA 19-9 index continued to rise and reached 1450. 

Doctors decided to change his regimen to Erbitux (Cetuximab) / Gemzar and today we had some figures back from the doctors, his liver enzymes have fallen, and his CA 19-9 index now at 134.  Will follow up with MRI and let you know results.

Best Wishes to all!

Re: Erbitux / Gemzar

That's great Jeff.  I've been wondering how he was doing.   Fingers are crossed for the MRI to show improvement.  Dave has his scan after his chemo  next week.   We are so hoping for improvement.  He is feeling better except now he has an infected tooth which we know is a bad thing when you are on chemo.l  He started antibiotics today.   Take care and my best to your Dad.

Re: Erbitux / Gemzar

jliu168 could you let me know where your dad managed to get this treatment with erbitux/gemzar as my dad has been told that funding for this is not available due to there being no positive research on the use of Erbitux (cetuximab).

Did you receive funding for this or was it through a private payment?  We are in Britain and it is something that we want to try as we have read various positive stories about the use of this combination.

Has your dad continued to improve on this treatment?