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Hello everyone, its been a while since I have written. My husband, Teddy, who will be 75 in October  had his check up the end of May. August will be 2 years since his Whipple surgery. He is still working and golfing! Everything is looking good except (and I feel guilty complaining) no one alerted us to the fact his immune system would not be what it was. Starting about 3 months ago he has been catching this and that beginning  with an e-coli infection from a blockage in his bile duct that eventually moved out on its own. Then he had an infectious cough for a month followed by a flu like thing. We are told its allergies and infections.Other than that he is doing quite well. What puzzles us is why did it take 1 1/2 years for all this to start? Its just so weird. Seems with this monster disease that even if you are doing good there are reminders of what you went through and what could still come. But we are so blessed for  this extra time and if the flus and infections continue its a small price to pay for being here. Wishing you all the best as always.  Lainy


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How wonderful. You and your family have been very blessed. I think it is wonderful that Teddy is out golfing and fishing. It seems so NORMAL and I think that is the most beautiful thing about your post. Sometimes it all feels too much and that normalacy will never again be a part of my life. In fact, a doctor said I was too focused on it all and that if I die tomorrow or in 50 years I need to live life now. It sounds like your Teddy understands that secret and it is good. Sending good vibes for continued good health.

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