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Topic: Google C-Span and see Sen. Brownback (KS)Campaign Event Friday 15th

Senator Brownback (KS)  Campaign Event was covered by C-Span on Friday the 15th,2007.  He visited a Cancer Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Made comments on Bill recently submitted concerning cancer reaseach and care. Also commented on Cancer is many of important issues and like all issues, needs to make it up the list of priorities.  What better way to do this than everyone with cancer call or e-mail their respective Senators and suggest this be made a Presidential debate issue.  Call and state how this needs to be made a national priority not just for breast or colon cancers but less unkown cancers like cholangiocarcinoma and adenocarcinoma.  State that more research, funding, cost control and reimbursement to hospitals so all people can recieve equal care and treatment without having to go bankrupt or leave their loved ones behind flat broke or having to use life Insurance to pay off debts. Have friends and relaitives do the same.  Call and leave messages and e-mails today and tomorrow and Monday, all next week.  Lets make this a Presidential debate issue.  Call or email all the Television networks and radio talk shows.  Lets go proactive and make awareness an issue!  I'm doing my e-mail and calls starting today; Lets make this a priority on the congressional list!

Jeff G.
P.S.  Local News Media and putting on a podcast some how. Sorry I'm not that computer whiz kid.

The following site will provide you a list of all US Senator's contact numbers and e-mail addresses:  www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

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