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Hello everyone,
I just found this site today, and I am SOOO happy....
In August 2006 mom had a liver test come back with high number.  She had them done every 3 months since she was on cholesterol medicine.  The dr. said they would check it again in 3 months, it was high again.  Soon after that she started to turn yellow... she was glowing in the dark!  After the ERCP in October we found out that she had cc.  On November 1st she had 60% of her liver removed, her galbladder, and the lymph nodes in the area removed.  The tumor hadn't spread outside the bile duct, but they removed all of the other things as a precaution.  In February she had 6 weeks of chemo and daily radiation. 
She had a WONDERFUL surgeon who came to IU hospital after being at John Hopkins.  He specializes in this kind of surgery.  He told us the other day that he doesn't imagine that she will have any trouble in the future.
We had her first follow up at the end of May.  The next one is July 31st. 
She is finally back to herself.
Cancer is not a disease that we have ever worried about.  We have thought about heart disease and so on, but never cancer.  One day it just popped up into our lives.
I am so excited to have this website to meet some wonderful people.

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Hi Amylea,
   I'm glad you found us here and that your Mom is doing so well. She is very lucky. We were the same way as you regarding cancer for my husband. Heart disease, stroke whatever but not cancer. No one in his family has had it. I just assumed I would get it because it's very prevalent in my family but I never imagined in a million years my husband would get so sick with something like this. It's great to hear from someone who has had a positive outcome and who has a Dr. that is positive too. That seems to be rather rare. Best wishes for continued good health for your mother!  Take care. Mary

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Sounds like you have a positive outcome so far. I hope that you get continued good feedback. These regular check ups are so important, but are so emotionally draining. I am sending you very good thoughts for you and your mother. It is nice to hear a positive story.


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Thank you for the welcomes.