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Received a card notifying me that I had jury duty so I called to tell them that I had a terminal cancer and just had a few months to live. The lady set me back when she said "Fine, we will contact you next year". Wonder how they send mail to Heaven and Hell? That brightened my day.......


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Did she think you were lying? That would be a horrible thing to say just to get out of jury duty!!!

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I love you, Daddy.


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Charlea - I can't believe that was her response!  My goodness....

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Remember, there is no cure for" terminal stupid". I think that is what the lady you spoke to suffers from. What an insensitive remark! Unfortunately, they do live among us- those with minimal brain cells firing properly.
Just keep your sense of humour. Glad that you could see the funny side.

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Charlea, well, goes to show how much people really listen! I am not surprised at your laughing as that is just what you would do!

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