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Hi Everyone,
I've gone through the discussion forum and I don't see enough on IPT. Has anyone had experience with IPT that has been truly effective? Any doctors you can recommend? I would appreciate any feedback or response.



Hi Nick,

I assume you mean Insulin potentiation therapy when you talk of IPT? I did a google search for this and there are many sites for IPT. Have you looked into this treatment, and if so what did you find?

This is from 2008 - … on-therapy

And a search here on this site came up with this - … =687349665

Although there is a lot of information on the web about IPT, a lot of it seems to be a few years old and I couldn't find anything about it in journals. Do you have any links on it that you could share here?

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Hi Gavin,
Indeed I mean insulin potentiation therapy. I went to this site:

I did contact a couple of local practitioners and learned very little from them directly. I understand how theoretically it's supposed to work but I cannot find any evidence or scientific studies. I was hoping to find a cholangio patient who has tried this.

My logical side tells me that if IPT was really that effective, then its' discussion and availibility would be prominent and widespread. What I have heard is conspiracy-type chatter that drug companies don't want IPT promoted because that would cut into bread and butter chemo drugs. I just don't believe that. It's essentially lower dose of the chemo, and I think think drug companies would pioneer the way if IPT proved to be effective.

So if any cholangio patient or caregiver has direct experience with IPT, I am keen to listen.