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Hello everyone -

My dad (diagnosed 5/06) came to visit us from Mexico City and his Xeloda was lost with his baggage. Money aside, which the airline is covering, he has not taken the chemo for 4 days now and unless we can get some pills in the US (a lot harder for a tourist than you would think) he will probably have to suspend until the 9th. Prior to the loss, he was in the 6th day of a 21 day cycle (a week between cycles).

Dad spoke to his team of Dr's and they all indicate it's not a huge deal to suspend for a week but I'm still uneasy. I understand neoplasic progression is varaible and chemo in CC might not even be all that useful but so far we have been somewhat stable.

Maybe it's not a huge deal but I would like to know if this is less important than I'm making it to be.

Thanks and best of luck to all!!

Re: Suspending Treatment for week (mid cycle)

   My husband had a very off again, on again regime when he was on Xeloda. He took it along with radiation and had to suspend both several times for more than a week due to problems. It still worked though so I think your Dad will be fine. I was just like you though questioning whether it would all still be effective and they all assured us it would be.   Take care. Mary

Re: Suspending Treatment for week (mid cycle)

I suspended Xeloda for a month after 2 courses of treatment.  My markers had started down and continued to go down when I was off the Xeloda.
My oncologist did not feel this was a good idea and believes it's important to continue with some level of the chemo.  However I'm now 4 months from the suspension and markers continue to recede.  I'm now doing 1 week on and 1 week off of Xeloda.  I do supplement this with a pharmacutical grade mushroom extract which I import from Japan.  Search on my posts if your interested in more history.
I do not offer any of this as a recommendation,  we just don't know enough.  Perhaps it can help with your understandable anxiety to know that one patients experience reinforces your doctors not being concerned about missing the week.
Best wishes to your Dad.

Re: Suspending Treatment for week (mid cycle)

Amilcar....  Just to let you know I have had several on/off times with Xeloda as well as different dosage changes and it appears to still remain effective for me.  My Oncologist seems to be more eager to get me started on another cycle than I.  As of last weeks CT Scan my primary tumors of liver and lungs remained stable in size.  In fact I did a double take as my liver  tumor shrunk 1 CM. Of course I know that could simply be the radiologist reading the scan but made me feel pretty good anyhow.  The tumors on my 10th rib and spine are also being knocked out by radiation slowly but surely. Another week to go and I should have enough cummulative rads to do the trick(knock -on -wood).  You know I kinda feel off and on again maybe confuses the cc and catches them off guard. 
Best Wishes  to you and your Dad !
Jeff G.

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