Topic: Investigation of tumor related anemia.

Investigation of tumor related anemia in 10 218 patients with cancer in the digestive system.


According to the China criteria of anemia, the overall anemia rate was 27.5% (2813/10 218). The prevalence of anemia was 64.7% for small bowel cancer, 60.5% for duodenal cancer, 42.6% for colon cancer, 36.6% for cholangiocarcinoma, 33.3% for gastric cancer, 22.6% for pancreatic cancer, 20.4% for rectal cancer, 18.7% for hepatocellular cancer, and 10.0% for esophageal cancer. Anemia was more common in older patients in those with gastric cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer. There were more male anemic patients in those with cancer in the small intestine or cholangiocarcinoma. However, females were more commonly seen in those with hepatocellular cancer or pancreatic cancer." … t=Abstract

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