Topic: DDW 5/2011 related to miRNA-A word I heard very often.

One word I heard most often ofter during the sessions I had attended at DDW this year  is miRNA.
There are 1000 of them and I am not  a molecular biologist,so I will get the following links for all of you if are interest .
It is the foreront of  GI diseases research at the molecular cellular and development level.
The first 3 sites give you a very simple explanation of what miRNA are and their functions. (New Window) (New Window) (New Window)

The following one  is the most important one(134 pages in content ),it is a dissertation paper by Lyudmyla Sharma(Khrapenko),M.S. for  the PhD degree at Ohio State University  in 2010(last year).
Title"role of mirna in liver cell proliferation during hepatic regeneration & cancer"

For short viewing to understand the forefront of  research in liver cancer and cholangiocarcinoma, mayI suggest the following pages if you do not want to read the whole paper.
P5 .Liver regeneration:you can survive from as little as 10% of the  liver remaining.
Page15   A picture of how miRNA biogenesis pathway looks like.
Page16 1.2.2   Functional role in health and disease for miRNA.
Page 61  fig.4.1- Page 62 fig.4.2  Meet face to face first time of our enemy the cholangiocancinona  epithelial  cancer cell under the electronic microscope.
Page66  Another picture of CC related to  exosome.
Page 72 fig.4.9 A nice model of exosomes derived from a tumor cell in bile duct.
             this picture model explains how we get the CC growing  and the relationship with mirna(MicroRNA).(Worth your time to take a look)
Page 94  The difficulty in obtaining CC tumor cell lines to test the potential anti-cancer of mir-148.
This may be a good priority  for our CC web site to encourage such research when people apply for  the foundation's grant or scholarship.
Page 95  fig5.7 you will see how a CC cancer cell to make more of the cancer cells  base on the research paper.
Page 108  The last paragraph to page 110 sums up what the future looks like for CC on the cellular level  as well as the potential in developing less toxic and resistant medications  to cure and screen test  to detect  CC for early diagnosis
and treatment.
For those who really wants to know the details, I recommend you to read the following ch.4-6.
P57.chapter 4 "Tumor derived exosomes selectively inhibit proliferation of nonmalignant versus malignant bile duct epithelial cells"
P77  CP.5 "Molecular mechanisms in the development of cholangiocarcinoma:..".
P97. Chapter 6 "Discussion and future directions"
PS if anyone of you are in the field of molecular biology,I would like to hear from you.
Again,one person can build ROME in thousands  of years,but if we work together, all of us can defeat this horrible CC in a decade.
The web site is below,after you open it up,go to the top left hand corner and  click open or down load the full text. (New Window)
God bless

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Re: DDW 5/2011 related to miRNA-A word I heard very often.

Thank you very much for posting these links Percy, I will look at them all when I get some more time. And yes you are so right about what we can all do if we all work together.

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