Topic: Gas pains and bloating!

I had a whipple operation on 11-9-07 .  I had three different Chemo Treatments plus Radiation and happy to report that as of now all the Cat Scans and Blood Work show me to be Cancer Free now.  There have been some bodily changes that I now have to live with which include taking digestive enzymes with every meal to help me absorb my food.  How ever I do have an on going problem with gas and or bloating on a regular basis.  It can be pretty intense at times, I have tried various gas reducing products to try and remedy this problem but they do not always work.   If anyone has run into this problem I would appreciate your output on the matter.   Thanks, John.

Re: Gas pains and bloating!

John,  Have you checked with your Doc to be sure the bloating isn't Ascities? 
I can't help much with gas relief.  Diet of course and it isn't uncommon but some of us to develop lactose intolerance from the surgery, disease, etc.