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I had Whipple Surgery on 11-9-05 and after three different forms of Chemo and Radiation I am now cancer free according to my Cat Scans and Blood Work.  I have to take Digestive Enzymes with every meal now in order to properly digest my food.  I have a problem with gas pockets just below my rib cage which are rather intense at times!  I have tried various types of over the counter gas reducing products but they do not entirely stop the problem .  If anyone has had similar problems like this I would appreciate any suggestions on the subject.  I have recently had an operation to repair an incisional hernia which occured after my whipple.  I had a large piece of mesh screen which was placed across my stomach to help support my midsection.  Thanks for any input that you may have on this matter.  John.

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Hi John,
Congratulations on being cancer free.  My mom had surgery in November 2006.  She has had a lot of problems with gas pains and discomfort.  The dr. told her that any time that they do anything with your stomach and so on it is very common.  I wish that I had better advice for you, just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone.
Mom has a hernia.  The dr. wants to give her a little more time to recover from the other surgery before they do anything.  I am curious if you can tell me some about what they did when you had your hernia surgery.  Hers is about 6 inches.  The surgeon wasn't at all concerned about it.  Sounds like it is very common.  We would just like to know what to be prepared for.
Congratulations again.

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John.... Great news on cancer free.  Lets keep it that way!  I had liver and gallbladder resection and hernia folloed..  A lot of gas a bloating.  I was prescribed prevacid 20mg to take 30 minutes prior to breakfast each day as to much stomach acid will cause these symptoms.  Maybe try lowering your digested enzymes a little bit.  See what your doctor says. Best to you!
Jeff G.

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