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I have been on gemzar, xeloda, and nexavar for the last 13 months.
When I was diagnosed in May 2011 my cc had gone to my liver, peritonial,
2 spots in lungs, lymph node in abdomen, and T9.  I went for my 7 week CT scan this week and got results yesterday. My CC continues to be stable. Dr. Lenz
(USC) says he doesn't like the overused term "miracle" but my case is truly a miracle. Taline, his wonderful PA said I need to look at this as achronic illness
like diabetis and keep going on with my life. My first goal last year for myself
was to make it to my son's high school graduation this June. I made it and will
be there proudly on June 23rd. I now will set a new goal of seeing my daughter complete her sophmore year in High School in 2012, and my son his first year of college. I feel the Lord is carrying me through this and constant prayers from my family and community are letting this miracle happen. The cancer is all still there, but is quiet. I know how rare it is that I have no stints, and have never had any problems beside occasional nausea, slight liver pain(off and on) and diarehea. I am usually down about 3 days after chemo, but better after that. Somedays I feel perfectly normal. Just wanted to share, as some of you know
this year has been emotionally very difficult for me and although I am up and
down, I finally am trying to live my life. Thank you for all of your support.

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Dear Jtoto, who are any of us humans to say what is and is not a Miracle? I say if you are not, then what is? If we ever needed a good example of what is a Miracle I vote for you. Congratulations on your son's Graduation and I know you are looking forward to the other Memorable events in your childen's lives. What ever you are doing keep on doing! Wishing you the very best.

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Your news makes me very happy.  I hope you continue to be well & to reach all your goals.  I send best wishes for your son's graduation & beyond.

Love Julia

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Hi Jtoro,
Congratulations on reaching your goal. I'm sure your son's graduation ceremony will be a joyful event. Now... on to the next goal. Prayers coming your direction.


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We are grinning ear-to-ear in Pittsburgh PA at your wonderful news!  Congratulations on reaching your wishes going forward!  Thank you for sharing great news & hope to inspire others!

With love & prayers...


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Jtoro....A miracle indeed.  Congratulations and I am wishing for all the good things to continue in your life. have made my day and that of many others.
All my best wishes,


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Hi Jtoro,

This is great news! And thank you so much for sharing it here with us all.

My best wishes to you,


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Definitely a miracle.  Well done on managing to live as normal a life as possible and reaching your goals.  With an attitude like that I am sure you will see the next ones through as well.
Thank you for giving us hope.
Best wishes

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Wonderful reading!! Having positive goals is a good thing, most time you get what you

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We miss miracles when we are not looking or because we are not looking. Congratulations to you for looking and acknowledging the wonderful progress and miracle of your life.  We celebrate with you!

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Love hearing wonderful news such as this. Love how you are enjoying life one goal at a time.
Are you on a maintenance dose of the above chemos? Do you take all 3 at once?  How long do they plan to continue? My husband has extensive mets as well and has been fighting (knowingly) this disease since October. He had radiation on the worse spine mets and had 6 months of gem/cis ending on May 18th. He has been stable since Feb. and gets his next scan on June 23rd. It would be great to know more about your course of action, if we need to look at another avenue. Thanks.
Congratulations on your son's graduation! Such a special event. Enjoy the day! Nancy

Loving my husband from afar.