Topic: Taxotere (Docetaxel) Any Imputs?

Hi Cholangiocarcinoma Members......  Well, my oncologist feels that my CC has become resistant to the oxy and Xo regimen and would like to try me on Taxotere in two weeks after radiation has cleared somewhat.  He stated new studies have shown it had positive tumor reductions seen.   Any imput would be greatly appreciated.  I personally am feeling arkward and hesitant and would prefer trying something different.  Look forward to hearing from you all who have gone or tried  or heard of this chemo drug.  God Bless!
Jeff G.

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Re: Taxotere (Docetaxel) Any Imputs?

Hi Jeff,

Sorry to hear that the tumors have been resistant to Oxy / Xo regimen.  I read an article on /, with some reference to Docetaxel treatment and response rates.  Response rates were quite high, but the article is from 2000.  I do not know what other regimens you have been on; currently my dad is on GEMZAR / ERBITUX, and now we are going to add AVASTIN, as he had a good, but short response with ERBITUX, so oncologist recommended to add AVASTIN (BEVACIZUMAB) to treatment.

I hear they have some really good results with Gemzar / Cisplatin?  Anyhow the oncologist says these days they like to go with some form or "target therapy."

Best of luck to you, and let me know what the oncologist says and what route you decide to take.

Take care.

Re: Taxotere (Docetaxel) Any Imputs?

Hya jeff I am sorry to hear you are feeling awkward and hesitant. This does not sound like you.
I cannot give any info on what you are up against at the moment, as I have said before we did not get to any stages such as this.
I thought I would write that I am sure whatever you decide to do it will be the best descision for you. keeping you in my thoughts love and light teresa xxxx