Topic: Spam Measures

Wow.  I've tried my best to eliminate the spam on our site, but it is almost impossible to keep up with it.   

So, beginning today . . .

All new registrations will need email confirmations. 


All registrations older than 30 days without any posts will be deleted.
(users with 0 total posts)

If there are any problems or questions, please let me know!


Re: Spam Measures

Rick - I understand your need to deal with the spam issue, but I would hate for my registration to be deleted.  My husband died of cc on March 5 and, even though he is gone, I still have the need to go on this site and read the posts of the many people I have followed since we found this site in September 2005.  I feel like I know each of them and it would be such a loss to me if I could not access this site.

I may be confused as to what deleting a registration means, so if you will clarify this I would appreciate it.   Thanks so much

Juanita Uster

Re: Spam Measures


No worries, you will be just fine. Only those registrations that have never posted a comment will be deleted.  (They are usually spambots testing the system.)

And if by some quirk, a valid registration is accidentially deleted . . . they will only need to re-register.

I hoped that cleared up any concerns!


Re: Spam Measures

Additionally, I don't think you'll be blocked from reading the messages if your registration has been deleted.  I am always able to read when I'm not logged in.  You'll only be prevented from posting if you don't have a registration.  Rick - please correct me if I am wrong.

I think this is a great measure to help cut out the spam.  I'm dismayed every time I come on here and see the spam, and it's getting ridiculous that the moderators are having to commit so much time to monitor the spam postings.

30-something caregiver