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Hello all. I received a left hepatectomy about 4 months ago for intrahepatic CC, stage II.  I'm just about to finish my 3rd cycle of chemo with Gemzar/Cisplatin.  It has been recommended that I get 6 wks of chemo radiation.  I'm getting very scared of the radiation.  They were able to remove my whole tumor with clean margins, though one was very close. I'm worried radiation may cause me some damage.  I'm not concerned about the nausea/fatigue and other common side effects.  I'm more worried about things like causing a bile stricture or possible making me not a candidate for further resections in the future.  I'm going to discuss these concerns with my Dr's, but has anyone ever developed a bile stricture from radiation or been told they weren't a surgical candidate because of radiation they've received?? I wish so much that there was a standard of care for this cancer. It's very frustrating when you are presented with so many different options and you're not sure if they are going to help you.
On a good note, chemo is just about done and I can't even tell they gave me anything.  Just had some low WBC's so I am on neupogen.

Thanks for the support!

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Hello Susie,
I had radiation in the hopes of shrinking my tumore because it is unresectable. I went everyday for 4 weeks (and oral chemo. (xeloda) along with radiation). I had no nausea becuase I took compazine before I had the treatment. I just became tired because the radition is cumulative. I was diagnosed Stage III B because of the size of my tumor.
I saw the radiation oncologist once a week during radiation. Hope this info helps you. Sincerely, Johanna