Topic: Healthy Alternative to Ice Cream using BANANAS

Here is a healthy alternative for ice cream using BANANAS which are a good source of POTASSIUM and B6...

Take RIPE bananas and freeze them with peelings on.

To make ice cream place peeled frozen bananas in food processor or blender.  Add a SMALL amount of milk to aide with processing. If you use too much it will be a SMOOTHIE instead of ICE CREAM.  Another option is "adding a small amount of vanilla flavoring or a sugar substitute."  Processing may be loud at first. 

Try Banana ice cream over easy FRUIT NUT COBBLER:

1 cake box mix - I use VANILLA sugar free by Pillsbury-can use any kind.
2 cans PEACHES in it's own juice (15 oz each), or other fruit.
1 stick butter
1 cup chopped pecans

Drain juice from fruit and place fruit in greased casserole dish.  Mix DRY cake mix with melted butter and nuts.  Mixture will be crumbly. Spread over top of fruit as evenly as possible.  Heat will spread the mixture more evenly as you cook it.  Preheat oven 350 degrees and cook 35-45" in center of oven.