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Hi everyone,

Mom had a check up today, and things came back all clear... yea!

I did ask her oncologist some questions about what we could expect for the future.... I am such a worrier!  She said that as we know every case of cancer is different, but that there is a chance of someone being "cured" from this sort of cancer.  She told me that obviously she couldn't say that mom will never have cancer again, but that she also couldn't say that she would.  I was just reassured to hear that there is that possibility.

Big hugs to everyone here,

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Amy.......Wonderful news, just awsome to hear your Mom got a clear checkup.  Wish
you both continuing success and may your future remain as bright as this good news.
Jeff G.
    P.S. Amy do you recall what type of radiation and locations and type of chemo drugs they used for your Mom?  Did she have a complete whipple procedure? I am really happy for you guys. Just keep up with the checkups as a precautionary measure.  I'm sure your Mom's doctor already expressed that.

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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your response.

Mom had the klatskin tumor, so they didn't call her procedure "whipple".  Mom had Gemzar as the chemo.  Mom had radiation every day for 5 weeks for and the total procedure lasted about 30 minutes.  They had a form for her to lay in each time.  I am not sure of any other details about the radiation.

Talk to you soon, Amy

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Wonderful news Amy. I hope it continues. Now you can quit worrying for bit and just enjoy life. I know the worry will of course come back...particularly when the next scan takes place. But revel in the good news now (I am smiling for you!)

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That is great Amy!   Lots of folks seem to be on Gemzar including my husband Dave.  Best to you and your Mom and we will keep hoping for some good news too.

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Amy- great news- can you find out which type of radiation she had? i still haven't started a chemo- i have only had sir spheres radiation which appears to be shrinking the tumors slowly but surely

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This is all that we could find as the type of radiation Mom received, could this be the name of it?...... Image Guided Radiation Therapy

Hope that helps some...
Amy smile