Topic: treatment with oxaliplatin and 5 fu for husband tom

just had first dose of drugs.  instructed to avoid eating , drinking or touching any thing cold due to oxa side effect of neuropathy.     to receive next doses in 2 weeks.   does this avoidance of cold last the entire time or just for a few days
can't find any specific information.   has anyone evperienced this problem with cold?

Re: treatment with oxaliplatin and 5 fu for husband tom

Hi Mary Jo, if you go to our search engine at the top of the page and type in Neuropothy a ton of posts willl come up on the subject.  Best of luck on the Chemo.

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Re: treatment with oxaliplatin and 5 fu for husband tom

This side effect may be dose limiting; ,76%;acute 65%;persistent 43%.
"Two different types of neuropathy may occur;First,an acute(within 2 days),
reversible (resolves within 14 days),with primarily peripheral symptoms that are of exacerbated by cold ; avoid mucositis prophylaxis with ice chips during oxalipation infusion.
Secondly, a more persistent(>14days) presentation that often interferes with daily activities (ie: writing,buttoning swallowing), these symptoms may improve upon discontinuing treatment.---from drug information handbook 16th edition,APHA.

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Re: treatment with oxaliplatin and 5 fu for husband tom

MaryJoe....Sensitivity to cold is commonly reported on this site.  In fact many people wear gloves for protection and that seems to help. Please, let us know how things are moving along.
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Re: treatment with oxaliplatin and 5 fu for husband tom

Hi MaryJo:
I was also on oxaliplatin, but with Gemzar. My onc just took me off it until at least the end of the month when my surgeon, onc and I discuss my options.
For me, the neuropathy lasted a few days the first time. I learned to wear gloves to get stuff out of the fridge. I don't mind room temperature drinks, so that didn't bother me. The neuropathy builds up with each treatment. It differs with each person, so it's hard to pin down how it will affect you. My suggestion is to go to the fridge and grab something well sealed. If your hand(s) tingle or burn you should refrain from drinking cold beverages.
My personal experience is over about 9 treatments. The first one lasted a few days. Then I was able to drink cool (not cold) beverages. Within about 5 days I was able to add ice if I wanted. I could grab things out of the fridge without my fingers tingling or burning. The second treatment was about the same, except the tingling went to more of a burning sensation. I was still able to give up the gloves within about 5 days. By the last treatment, it took longer. I wasn't able to drink cold beverags for about 8 days. And my fingers and toes never really stopped tingling. That's why my onc stopped oxaliplatin in my treatments.
I have a friend who knows someone on oxy, and he has the cold sensitivity but has had over 10 treatments, and his tingling goes away after less than a week. So like I said, it all depends on the person. Invest in gloves and thick socks!
I hope you can handle the oxy for as long as it takes, as I had wonderful results with gemzar/oxy treatments.

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