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Topic: Thinking Outside the Conventional & Alternative Tx Box

The article is not for everyone, but if you want to explore or want to know about different approaches to fight against cancer.This is one of the current thinking about it--using mathematical model of cancer progression;below I just copied the conclusions. If you want to read the whole thing ,the link is copied after the conclusion.
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9. Conclusions
Profuse evidence accumulated over several recent decades points to the fact that the traditional paradigm of cancer based on genetically driven, linear progression of cancer is inconsistent with the totality of clinical experience, epidemiological data, results of the experiments on animals, and conclusions
drawn from mathematical models. The emerging new paradigm of cancer proposed in [12,20] and explicated in the present work represents a working hypothesis that is not only compatible with such evidence but also provides compelling grounds for numerous biomedical observations that have evaded alternative explanation. The core of the new paradigm of cancer is four-fold:      (1) early systemic spread of cancer;
(2) prevalence of cancer dormancy;
(3) importance of angiogenesis as a critical step in cancer progression; and (4) surgery-induced acceleration of the growth of metastases and their
vascularization. This suggests radically new ways of cancer control and treatment, including
maintaining the state of cancer dormancy. A critical impediment to validation of the novel theory of cancer is that it deals with the events that are typically unobservable in an individual patient. Such validation can be effectively done through comprehensive mathematical models of cancer natural history and the effects of cancer treatment. Additionally, such models can facilitate comparison
in silico of various treatment scenarios. The biomedical community has to wake up to the uncovered
reality of cancer. Should it continue along the beaten track, the victory in the war on cancer will remain elusive. .

Hanin, L. Why Victory in the War on Cancer Remains Elusive: Biomedical Hypotheses and Mathematical Models. Cancers 2011, 3(1), 340-367; doi:10.3390/cancers3010340.

Go to www.mdpi.com/journal/cancers for the above article.

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Re: Thinking Outside the Conventional & Alternative Tx Box

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