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My Husband and I are going on a  (probably last) vacation down by Costa Rica at the end of the week, most friends are going to and family so if its a last hurrah  it will be a good one ,  ,,,providing we can keep him healthy.  He does get confused a bit, not bad but I am afraid he will get worse when away from home. I think its from higher levels in the blood, does anyone know what the doctors give for that?  I am afraid to  have him go in for fear they will want to hospitalize him even tho he feels good. I do NOT want to miss this trip, as we will probably not get another chance.  What can I do, bring etc for him?  He is not on any therapy right now, as we have been kicked to the curb. Luckily we have pain meds and sleep stuff if needed but he doesnt take hardly anything now.  The big worry is ..What If ....we get far far from home and he needs help.  Not good enuf reason for not going I know...Anyway, what do they do with high levels of amonia in the blood?  Thanks  Robyn

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Re: Big vacation, confusion, clean up the blood.....acchhh !!!!

Dear Robyn,   I am so sorry to hear about your Husband.  The ammonia levels you really should ask you Oncologist and explain the trip and see what is best.  Robyn, your post comes across as if you are trying to find ways to go on this trip regardless of your husband's condition.  If your Husband is coughing up blood and his ammonia levels are out of control it really doesn't sound like travelling would be beneficial to him.  Does he really want to go?  Is this something he really wants to do?  I'm sorry if I'm coming across in a wow factor, I believe in living everyday as happily as possible but does your husband really have the strength to begin with. 
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P.S.  High ammonia levels will cause confusion, sleepiness, and bleeding from the stomach or intestines.  Will cause heart and or kidney failure.  There is medcations to help reduce the amount of ammonia because the liver will no longer turn in to urea. He should probally see the doctor and get something prescribe as pallative care.

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Re: Big vacation, confusion, clean up the blood.....acchhh !!!!

such a difficult time.  a drug (i don't know if there's now more than one) used to reduce ammonia formation is called lactulose.  this drug does have side effects and since i just returned from chemo, i'm too tired to look it up and unfortunately,  my brain is too fried too remember them.

if at all possible, and your husband wants to go, i vote for the vacation.  as for me...i'm done with flying and done with long drives in cars.  when we can, we take trips in our motorhome. 

good luck to you,

Re: Big vacation, confusion, clean up the blood.....acchhh !!!!

Hey Jeff....sorry for any confusion, Rick is healthy other than slight confusion lately. No, he is not coughing up blood !!  acchhhh!!!  The trio is no problem, we have been on many and have been on this particular boat 3 other times. Only not with cancer. My fear is , of course, to have something bad hoppen when we are far away from home, so I am trying to get as prepared as possible. Since it may be the last big trip we can take together, it is important for it to be just the greatest.  I will research what he can take in case the amonia levels increase. Thanks, sorry for any confusion.