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Despite having severe "different" back pain, a sore liver, and feeling queasy I just got back my PET-CT scan and it came back clean. Apparently the pain in my liver is caused by the nerve endings in the area of my surgery incision have decided to start working again and are just a little confused about which signals to send. The back pain and queasiness--blame it on my head. I have been so stressed and worried about this scan that I literally made myself sore and sick. The fact that it took over 3 weeks to get the results  of the scan(dr on vacation!!) didnt help. I guess I am not as emotionally strong as I would like to be!

I am so happy. I have passed the 6 month mark with no reoccurance. Another scan in a couple of months to mentally prepare for, I just wish I was stronger.


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You have definitely been on my mind as we are on such a close schedule.  I do not have my next MRI scan scheduled yet (not for wont of trying, I have made 4 phone calls but have finally put my wonderful SIL (see previous entries) on the job and hope to have one scheduled very soon).  I am THRILLED to hear your scan is clear, clear, clear!!!  I have been having the same problems...a very tender area in my abdomen and queasiness, tho no back pain.  Luckily, I see my doctor a couple hours after the scan (at least that is how it worked last time) and she will be able to at least glance at it while I am still there, although it won't be "officially" read for a few days after that.  I am just as worried as you were and  will be extremely happy (I hope) when I am done with it and I get that "all clear".

Try to relax now for a couple months and enjoy your life!!!  Give me a few weeks, and I'll be doing it too!!!

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Glad to hear that your scans are clear. 

I'm just curious.  Do you get regular CA 19-9 tests? 

My dad's scans come back clear but his CA 19-9 is elevated 4 months post-resection.  Unfortunately, the drs never had done a CA 19-9 until we finally asked about it.  So, we have no baseline pre-resection or post-resection.  He did have clear margins and no lymph involvement with the resection. 

Just wondering if anyone else out there has this scenario.