Topic: Guess I'm here for the long haul...........

I'm one of those lucky guys to have a mother in law who is absolutely wonderful.  Best a guy could ask for and an incredible grandmother to our two children age 5 and 2. Unfortunately we just got the news a few days ago about her cholangiocarcinoma. Couldn't happen to a nicer person and we are not ready to give up or let her go.

I found the site and have been reading everything I can find, everywhere, trying to understand exactly what is happening to her, and what, if any options may be out there for her. I have found more in the first hour here than I have in the past 2 days of searching everywhere else online.

Thank you

Re: Guess I'm here for the long haul...........

Best wishes to You  and your mother in law . You have to be strong and ready for long and determined fight . And you are not allowed to breakdown - never ! Even when things go wrong - it will go away .
Anna - daughter in law of a great father in law smile .