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I want to share this lovely story. I made little finger puppets with my little girl today. We had my face, hers and her Daddys cut out onto lolly pop sticks. My daughter wanted to hold Daddy and herself. When I nipped into the kitchen i heard her saying- I love you Daddy, give me a huggy- using her little lollypop sticks Daddy gave her a hug.
It was just lovley to hear her talking and playing with her daddy- if only just as a puppet. We played the puppet show most of our afternoon!


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Dear CM, that is a wonderful story and a splendid idea! It sounds like you girls are doing it right. Maybe we can get some more ideas on here for other things young ones can do. Thanks for this, it made my day.


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What a sweet story. I am sure it is good therapy for your daughter too. Take care.

Love, -Pam

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Chrissy, How wonderful your daughter still experiences the existence of her daddy. He will be with her forever. It is good you are keeping him real for her, she will have many questions as she grows. Hugs to both of you. Nancy

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What a wonderful idea.  I may have to make a PaPa puppet for my little grandson Thomas!