Topic: Radio Frequency Ablation

My husband was diagnosed with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma by liver biopsy in July.  He had radio frequency ablation at the Univ. of Washington this past week because his portal vein pressure was too high (17) to allow for resection.  His liver is heavily cirrohtic due to alcohol abuse.  The tumor area encompassed about 6 cm but was not encapsulated and was very irregular and diffuse.  No tests done for lymph node involvement.

He is almost 4 days post op and is not doing well.  He did not tolerate the anethesia well, nor the ativan adminsistered post-op.  He won't eat and is not taking fluids and is experience pain from the ablation.  And is experiencing quite a bit of confusion.  Anyone have any experience with ablation?  Thanks.

Re: Radio Frequency Ablation

Please write how he is doing now, all info helps.  We are in Wa also, and have been to the U of W  with Dr Sam Whiting, what a great guy but no help, as they did turn us down for ressection. We are off to Huston as last resort to MD Anderson on the  10 of Sept.  My husband is healthy again, after the stent, but has a 15 cm tumor on left lobe, with some friends coming on. Its mental anguish for all of us. We are enjoying the healthy days as we know they are limited.....