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First, I would like to thank Leonard and all of the others who encouraged Ritchie.  Leonard was "right on" when it came to things.

Ritchie had an ERCP prior to, and after, two series of five days of radiation.  He also had two chemo treatments.  His reaction to the chemo was so severe, both on his skin and with the lowering of his blood count, that they were unable to continue.

He was admitted to Riverside Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, on May 9th.  He had a Roux-En-Y, with a resection of the left lobe of the liver on May 10th.  It was deemed to be succesful.  He was released from the hospital on May 27th. 

Home health care was provided for a time, but then it became home hospice care.  He appeared to be doing well for a while, but was in a lot of pain.  As his health declined, he blamed the medication and began to spit out the pain pills.  He was transferred to Kobacker House Hospice care on August 10th.  An angel came to take hlim home on August 12th.  He is greatly missed by those who love him.

I'm not a doctor, but I believe that the radiation shortened his life.  A friend, who is a doctor, saw the results of the before and after ERCPs.  The doctor commented on the dead tissue in the second ERCP.  The area covered by the radiation is small and the tissue delicate.  I believe that tissue necessary for a successful Roux-En-Y was damaged.  But then again, perhaps that's just the sorrow talking.  I miss his so.

Ritchie's mate

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Ritchie's mate....I am heartbroken to hear of the loss of your wonderful partner, Ritchie. With sorrow in my heart I re-read all postings and realized how hard he fought this disease.  We again have lost an angel to this cancer!
Your point in re: to the radiation is well taken.  I believe that it is of utmost importance that the application of radiation therapy is discussed at length, with numerous radiaton oncologists "very" familiar with this disease.  And, that the procedure is done by one of the "most" qualified specialist. 
My heart is with you.  May Ritchie rest in peace.
Love and hugs,


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I am so very sorry to hear about Ritchie but we know that he is in a Peaceful place.

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn's rain,
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.                   By Mary Elizabeth Frye

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I am so sorry to hear of his passing. This is such a cruel disease, and often it is not understood by many doctors. I hope that you have loved ones around you to help you in your time of grief.

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So sorry to hear of Richie's passing. He fought valiantly, like all our cc soldiers! I emphasize with your pain of losing your partner. May you find peace.   
Hugs. Nancy

Loving my husband from afar.

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So sorry to hear of Richies's passing.  I know you say that this is your last post, however there are many on here who have walked in your shoes and I hope you can find support from them.


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I am very sorry for your loss. May you find peace.


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