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Who has been on gemzar and cisplatin? How many rounds did you get before it quit working? I stress about my chemo not working, because I'm doing good on it!!!

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I have been on gemzar/cisplatin.  It was planned for 8 cycles. Chemo had to be postponed a couple of times because my white cells were too low. Had the neulasta shot which worked well, but I had a bad reaction after the third one.  My oncologist told me they really didn't know if 8 cycles were better than 7 and said we should stop at 7.

I decided to do this treatment 8 months after I ended my first treatment session of radiation and FU-5.  I learned from this board how new tumors often come and started the gems/cits as a precaution.

Stayed stable for another 8 months and then a couple of new spots appeared on my liver.  Now on a phase I clinical trial for the last 7 months.  Doing good.  Feel good.

I'm 31 months from my inoperable stage 4 diagnosis.  Original time line was 3-14 months.

Hope you hear the news you want to hear on Monday.


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My husband Darrell did 8 cycles with 2 postponements from low counts. Two month break 5 tumors that had disappeared where back. Had one cycle then got day 1 of second cycle but day 8 blood counts to low so hoping next week to get back at it.

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Don't stress because you are doing good on chemo! Celebrate that you are doing good on chemo!
And I think you could ask 10 people how they did on this protocol and you will get 10 different answers.
I just pray the chemo continues to go well until you get to go see Dr. Kato! I have a feeling you will hear from his office this week.


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Hi Tiff,

My husband was on Gem/Cis but had to stop it in October because his remaining kidney was being affected by this combo.  Other than low counts and fatique, he didn't have any other side effects.  He took it for 8 months.  PeggyP