Topic: 2 New Teddy Visits TOP the Rest

I was talking to Teddy's Daughter that I am getting out of the house and in to an apartment, as she was trying to convince me to stay here just a few more years. Trying to tell her I need the move mentally and physically! I was sitting in the kitchen and the lights in the ceiling were on, the ones that Teddy always winks at me through. All of a sudden the light over my head winked! I said Julie, hold on, Dad's here...LOL! I looked up at the light and I said Teddy? Is that you? Wink...wink. I said I love you!...Wink..wink. Then I said, Teddy should I leave the house and move? Wink...wink.. so I said, Julie Dad has spoken, I am moving!
Yesterday I found and fell in love with an apartment. Today my Sister & Bro-in-law came in from Vegas and my Daughter was with us and we went out to see my new home so to speak. They loved it. Anyway, after seeing the model I asked the Manager if I could show them my unit from the outside as someone is living there yet. Now coming from Wisconsin, some of you know Teddy is a diehard Packer fan. Well we walk up to the door and the girl said this is your front door and what do you think? On the floor was a floor mat for wiping feet and on it was the Green Bay Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: 2 New Teddy Visits TOP the Rest

Great story Lainy!  Enjoy the new place!