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Anyone know where I can get some life insurance? I'm sure its hard getting while having cancer.

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Check into a state insurance high risk - which is very costly and may not be worth it.  Most life insurance policies have a 2 year clause where you have to live 2 years before they will pay out.  Once you have a cancer diagnosis it is very hard to get life insurance.

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Hi Tiffany,

Look for insurance called "Guaranteed Life Insurance" or "Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance". The insurance companies issue these policies without asking any medical questions.

Here's what you can expect:

* These policies are much more expensive than regular life insurance.

* There is usually a waiting period of 2 years. The premiums start right away, but the coverage begins 2 years from the day the policy is issued. If the insured person dies within 2 years, the insurance company refunds the premiums.

* The coverage is usually very limited. 25K or less. Maybe a bit more (50K?) with a longer waiting period. If you want higher coverage, you can buy multiple policies from different insurance companies (but then you will be paying a lot each month).

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I was "downsized" immediately after my surgery so I no longer have life insurance either. I am, however, on ss/disability. It doesn't pay all the bills, but it helps. It was fairly easy: I just put "cancer" all over the application and it was accepted the first time. And there are benefits in case I pass on. I don't believe it covers an entire funeral, but at least it won't stick my family with the bills.
Unlike you, I am no longer married and I do not have children to worry about. But it is a difficult problem.
And you might even be too young for the guaranteed life policies. I know the commercials with Alex Trebeck you have to be 50 and I believe in really small writing on the bottom it says 2 year period.
I hope you find something. If you do, maybe you can post it for others?

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