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We met with my oncologist today, Dr. Estfan, at the Cleveland Clinic and I will start a new chemotherapy next week called FOLFOX. The drug is infused over a six hour period at the clinic and then I will go home hooked up to a pump for two more days of infusion then back to the clinic to have the pump removed. We will do this every two weeks for three cycles and then a CAT scan to see if it is working. Thank you to Dr. Javle at MD Anderson for consulting with Dr. Estfan, they are both wonderful doctors so full of passion for helping people with this disease. If anyone is on FOLFOX I would be interested in how you have tolerated it.  Thanks

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Re: More chemo

How are you tolerating the chemo?  My mom resumes chemotherapy in 2 more weeks.  She'll be resuming Gemzar.  How did you get Dr Javle to speak to Dr Estfan?