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hello everyone. My dad had  a klatskin's tumour and was resected last August. He had  chemotherapy gem/cis (4 cycles) and radiation therapy. He couldn't tolerate xeloda, so he did radiotherapy alone.  His  CA 19-9 before chemo were 140 and  before radiotherapy they dropped to 33.

A month ago he finished his radiotherapy treatment and now his CA 19-9 have risen to 98. I've read that its common to have increased levels of CA 19-9 after radiation, but for how long after treatments it is expected to have high levels of CA 19-9?

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Sorry, I don't know the answer.
CA19-9 is not a very  reliable  test to judge the outcome of the treatment,CT scan does a much better job on that.
Residual effect after radiation could raise the result of CA19-9 ,and that is not unusual,; for how long ,I thinks it depends on how large the area that is being treated and the health status of the patient.
God bless.

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Thank you very much.