Topic: New chemo, at least to us

Dad's been at MDA the past couple days.  Current thinking is that he may never have had cancer in his pancreas at all *scratches head*.  Lung mets are considered dormant.  A very small increase in liver involvement but stable overall.....and you won't ever hear us complain about stable.

so, buh-bye FOLFIRINOX, hello gem/cis.
he's happy to be shuffling loose that ass-kicking pump. 
i can only hope he tolerates the new protocol as well as he did the previous. 

scan week just sucks, no two ways around it.  but for another 8 weeks, it's done.  he and mom will be able to celebrate their wedding anniversary next week with a little less of an albatross.  not that CC isn't an albatross, but at least they don't have scans staring them in the face.

Re: New chemo, at least to us

Good news!! Who is his Dr @ MDA? We see Javle.

The gem/cis was easy for me. I have had 10 rounds. I'm having to stop the cis, but will keep getting gem. wink The biggest problem for me was the fatigue, but that might come from having a 6 and 3 year old! haha

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Re: New chemo, at least to us

He sees Javle also! 

Yes, it's good news.  No one can explain the rising CA 19-9, so they're just rolling with it until there's a reason not to.  Since the pancreas is clear, there's no reason not to change chemo. 

The 6 & 3-year-old will do it, for sure!  I've only got half that....the younger half....and i cannot begin to imagine.  Girl, you've got some iron in you.