Topic: Cantron

Has anybody had experience with Cantron?

I know we are grasping at straws but I am less concerned about lack of efficacy (i.e. being a waste of money) and more concerned about safety (i.e. can it actually make things worse)?

Of course, any positive experiences would be extremely welcome too!


Re: Cantron

My bf used protocel (which is same as cantron) for about a month. Last weekend he got cholangitis, probably more due to the fact that they placed to plastic stents to his liver a year ago and didn't bother to check on them with imaging. Anyway, he did not present any remarkable side effects (or lysing), and he has been off it for the past week now and is just taking normal vitamins in addition to the invanz antibiotics.

I am wondering though if the "lowering of ATP production" has compromised his immune system and helped to cause this infection in addition to there being a biliary blockage, but hey I'm not a doctor (even though at times wish I had chosen that career path!)
We have tried the juicing, budwig and also apricot seeds but probably nothing long enough for it to actually show signs of working.