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My husband found a gentleman that was diagnosed in 2008 with cc, he went on DCA and his last posting showed his cat scans with no evidence of cc. They do not put their last name, we are trying to validate if this is real or not. Is anyone familiar with this story or DCA ?

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Hi Lisa,

I emailed them about a month ago after finding this page:

They replied and offered to talk to me on the phone. I called and talked to both of them. They were very patient and answered all of my questions. I truly believe the story is very real.

The web page on is a bit convoluted. Here's his story as I understand it.

Bill and Shirley live in British Columbia, Canada. Bill is a veterinarian surgeon. He had a Whipple for extrahepatic CC in 2005. His cancer came back 18 months later in 2007. He started Gemcitabine chemo, but his oncologist told him it's for palliation only. Given the grim prognosis, he decided to give DCA a try. He took DCA at the same time as chemo. He stopped chemo after a while because he could not tolerate Gemcitabine. He continued to take DCA. Even though he stopped chemo, his cancer went back into remission, confirmed by the scans. His cancer remains in remission to this day. He attributes it entirely to DCA.

His initial dose of DCA was 15mg per kilogram of body weight. After a month or so, it caused some neuropathy side effects. Shaking hands, twitching eyes, and so on. Bill took a break from DCA. The side effects cleared after a week or so.

He resumed smaller dose of DCA, 12 mg per kilogram of body weight. This smaller dose caused the same neuropathy side effects. He took another break and again, the side effects went away.

He reduced DCA dose one more time, to 10 mg per kilogram of bode weight.  He has been taking this dose for almost 5 years, without any side effects.

He takes DCA on a two week cycle. 5 days on, 9 days off.

He buys DCA as a powder. He dissolves his daily dose in 600cc of water. He drinks 200cc with food 3 times a day. recommends that DCA should be taken with caffeine and vitamin B1. Bill gets his caffeine from green tea. He drinks a lot of it. He does not take vitamin B1 separately; he takes multivitamin that includes some vitamin Bs.

It's a very interesting story. As I said, I exchanged emails and talked on the phone with him and his wife. I truly believe the story is true.

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Percy, thanks for your suggestion. I copied my post to the DCA thread in the CAM section: … hp?id=7284

Lisa, I missed the second part of your question. You asked if anyone is familiar with Bill's story or DCA. Follow the link above to read more about DCA. You will find lots of information there.