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Topic: I've not forgotten you!!

A big hello to my CC family,

As the subject says, I have not forgotten you all. I still check the site often and think of you all.  I can't believe it will nearly be 17 months since my precious Dad left us.  Mom is doing ok, still having her bad days and unfortunately the bad rainy weather we are having in the UK is not helping. We had a little falling out just before Fathers Day, at times I think she forgets she's not the only one that's still grieving, and I understand it's a different grief and her world really has been turned upside down, but I miss Dad too, so does my Nan, Son and Husband. Anyway after a few days of the silent treatment from Mom she was ok, and we've been ok since.  I have taken a step back a little the passed few months, instead of seeing her everyday I now see her 3-4 times a week but we still speak 3 or 4 times a day.  This seems to be working better and she has become more independant which is good. We still include her on all our outings etc, sometimes she will come and sometimes she won't, but I've asked which is all I can do.

My darling son turned 11 in May, this week he has been to his new Secondary School for Induction week, this helps them find their feet ready for September, luckily he enjoyed his first day, I'm hoping the enthusiasm continues.  He has his Prom next week and then a leavers tip to London.  The week after is his leaving play which is "Alice in Wonderland" and then his Leavers assembly.  I have stocked up on the tissues as I think the next few weeks there may be lots of tears lol.  He is going to the same school my Dad went to which he is over the moon about.  He loves to think he's like my Dad.

Lainy, I'm still finding feathers, smelling aftershave and my laptop really does  have a mind of it's own at times, as does the TV.  One example was Mom was talking about a programme Dad like to watch which I'd never heard of. One afternoon the television kept changing channels, I took no notice and kept turning it back to what I was watching, after this happening 3 times, I realised the programme it was switching over to was my Dads programme lol.

Dads work organised another charity night in May and we raised £610 for AMMF, I am also taking part in the Race for life soon, so hopefully will raise a little more, every penny helps .

I hope you are all well. As always love and best wishes to  you all.

Andrea x

Devoted Daughter to the most wonderful Dad a girl could ask for.  Sadly lost his battle on 19.02.11, peacefully in the arms of Mom and I.  As requested by Dad "we will keep on smiling".

Re: I've not forgotten you!!

Oh, Andie, I am just thrilled to see you on here. All in all it sounds like you are doing very well and I know, your Dad is so very proud of you and your family. I too am going in to my 17th month. Things are better but still have my little moments. Teddy doesn't come around as much but when he does it's always a good one he pulls.
Just know that Dad will be at all of his Grandson's events as Teddy was at our Grandson's High School Graduation last month and I am sure he is with Kyle in Israel for a 10 day tour, watching over him.
You and your Mom went through a huge emotional crisis with your Dad for a long time and sometimes it take a little more for the scars to heal. I think you have played it just right with her. Teddy's Sister was here for 10 days and she is the only one who would watch our wedding video with me. Robin just can't watch it.  He was her true Daddy. July 17th will have been 18 years. We cried but laughed even more, I am so glad I watched it.
I am proud you are doing the Race again and I am so happy that your Dad is stilll all around you. The best tribute and legacy for your Dad is to keep on doing what you are. Be happy and enjoy your son, the teen years pass way too quickly! Good to see your smiling face, again!