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Hi Jyoti,

What town does he live in?

I found this information today for everyone suffering with CC or whose family or friends have this disease,  I hope this helps some people here. Partial excerpt:

At Hospital Santa Monica. Pelton's professional opinion of Haelan: "It is phenomenal." He says that success of the product was very gratifying and recommends it as a nutritional supplement. PERSONAL SUCCESS STORIES In September, 1995, Sherman Sanders was hospitalized tfter experiencing unexplainable chest pains. During exploratory surgery, doctors discovered stage four cholangiocarcinoma. in his liver and gall bladder. The surgeon did not want to further operate, because there was too much cancer. Cancer had grown around the valve between the liver and gall bladder and pinched off the flow of bile, and for comfort, a drain was placed. Mr. Sanders was not expected to leave the hospital, as the estimated life span after diagnosis is one to three months.

His oncologist, in a last effort, decided to try chemotherapy treatments. When the cancer was nonresponsive after~ the second treatment, Sanders notes."They sent me home to die." Meanwhile, a family friend heard about Sanders' condition. She introduced Haelan to Sanders at his family home in LaVernia, Texas. He began drinking a bottle a day the first day, and noticed a great reduction in his chemotherapy1induced nausea, which had not abated since he had left the hospital. The same day, he experienced an increase in appetite and energy level.

He continued to drink a bottle per day, and his blood chemistry improved to such a level that the oncologists decided to resume the chemotherapytreatments. Sanders continued to drink a bottle a day of Haelan in conjunction with chemotherapy. He did not experience any adverse side effects of the chemotherapy. In addition to gaining weight, he found that his hair grew in darker than before. Within six weeks, his doctor reported that the.cancer around the bile duct had shrunk by 50%. With this encouragement, Sanders continued to drink Haelan and take the chemotherapy. In addition to Haelan, he became vegetarian and took venus fly trap, red Clover, CoQ10, liquid oxygen, and pycnogenol, though Sanders attributes his recovery primarily to the Haelan. "I drank a maintenance dose of Haelan for two years.

I switched doctors when we moved, and my new doctor, Clay Skinner, M.D., did not believe me when I told him that I had liver cancer, because no one is known to ever have survived cholangiocarcinoma. He took a biopsy of my liver and had it compared to the biopsysample from my exploratory surgery, and, sure enough, the test confirmed that it really was my liver. I tried to tell him, but now he believes me!" says Sanders. "I wouldn't be here without Haelan, lots ofprayers, a changed diet and a positive attitude." In a phone interview, Dr. Skinner stated he had confirmed the original diagnosis from tissue sample analysis and that Sanders was cancer free on a gross and microscopic level in March, 1998. Skinner said, "It Is striking that someone with cholangiocarcinoma is alive. Chemotherapy typically has no effect oii this type of cancer.


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JYOTI, PLEASE do not suggest to your brother anything other than what the ONC is giving him unless you talk to the ONC first! We always say this when talking about "other" treatments.


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Thanks Lainy understood. We have been very cautious regarding "other" treatments as (1) we are not domain experts in that field (2) we would not know how they may interact with the ongoing chemo (3) how the body will take it and so on...

We are being very cautious such that nothing may potentially reduce the effectively of chemo and many times in past when we asked Dr K about supplements she dismissed them, so I would not go beyond that.

I still Thank Kristin for her suggestion and would research more for my knowledge.


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Lainy, thank you for your words of caution. They are spot on!

Kristin (Sedona) is not a CC patient, nor a caregiver, nor a doctor. Her knowledge of CC is very cursory at best. She strongly recommended Haelan without providing any evidence whatsoever that Haelan is safe to take for CC patients. I find her post reckless and irresponsible.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering has a page on Haelan

According to MSK, Haelan acts like estrogen in the body. Multiple scientific studies found evidence that CC is an estrogen-sensitive cancer, meaning that estrogen promotes CC growth. Because Haelan acts like estrogen, CC patients should avoid it. It is likely to cause more harm than good.

Here's a copy of MSK page:

Consumer Information

How It Works

Bottom Line: There is no conclusive evidence that Haelan can be used to treat cancer in humans.

Haelan is a dietary supplement obtained by fermentation of soybeans. It contains compounds known as isoflavones that act like estrogen in the body and also have antioxidant activity. Laboratory studies have shown that these compounds slow down the growth of tumor cells. But recent studies indicate that isoflavones may also promote certain breast cancers.
Patients with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers should avoid Haelan.

Purported Uses

* Cancer Treatment
   There are no data to support this use.

* Allergy
   Data are lacking to support the role of Haelan in treating allergies.

* Inflammation
   There is no scientific evidence to support this use.

   This use is not backed by scientific data.

Research Evidence

No clinical studies have been conducted to evaluate the effects of Haelan in humans.

Do Not Take If

* You have hypersensitivity to soy products
* You are taking tamoxifen for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer (the isoflavones in Haelan may reduce the effects of tamoxifen)

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Oh, thank you Eli, I was up until 1AM thinking about this. I only practice my GUT101
and this all did not set right with me from the beginning. I don't want to brag but we have such wonderful and intelligent people on this Board.


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Sedona is hijacking our cc site for her own purposes.We are all about support,we do not prescribe treatment,we comment only on what specialist doctors have advised....and complementary treatments are exactly that so I do not think our cc site is compatable with Sedonas agenda......

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Hi Janet and so good to see you again! I hope you are doing well on the other side of the world and thanks so much for still helping on the Board. Some of us have been together a long time now and its always good to see your name pop up!


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Thank you Lainey.  I wish I could help all these patients and caregivers.  I read and identify, but have no advice.  I have been almost 2 months since my husband died.  I don't know what we would have done differently.  I sometimes wonder if he had no treatments maybe his quality of life would have been better.  Who knows.  I just know he was a fighter.  We just can't go back and say "what if".  You must make the best decisions possible and live with them.  My husband was so brave.  He never complained once.  He was the strong one.  Now I really feel lost without his strength.  I wish I could help all of you out there.

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Hi JanetinFL, may I just say that you THINK your husband was stronger but you were taking care of him and have forgotton that you were just as strong, it took 2 to get through this terrible journey! Please know that you would not have changed a thing. How many people in this world would have the strength to get through what we did? That is why I say we have the most loving, caring and smartest people in the world right here. Sometimes I think CC has a brain of it's own and only picks the best. Your husband sounds like Teddy, so strong and no complaints. They are at peace and we are here with Memories. We need to hang on to the good Memories and honestly in time it does get better. 2 months is not nearly long enough to adjust to your new normal. Don't feel you need to give advise, only if you can, the important thing is that you show your caring and we all need that. Janet, our boys were strong for us and now we need to be strong and happy for them. It will come when you are ready. Please feel free to come on here anytime to share your feelings and if you need to email that is just fine too.