Topic: escazul

Hi there,
my brother has cholangioc. at his liver and too many metastasıs on his body. we have trying chemoterapy, radioterapy, cyberknife radiation and sir-spheres...
unfortunetly we didnt get any good results. we did try some herb treatment in Turkey but no results either.
few weeks ago i heard about escazoul( blue scorpion venom) produced in Cuba by their health ministry.
if you have any idea about it or if you know anyone had used it please let me know.
i pray for all of you

Re: escazul

Hi there, I have never heard of it. Have you found out more about it? I would be interested in finding out more. Cubans have a great healthcare system. All the best to you and your brother. My dad has suspected CC (the biopsy came out negative but the scanner shows it's there!)