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Topic: Adverse Reactions of Radioembolization. (side effects)

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It is not easy to find side effects of radioembolization(RE) beyond 4 week; but finally I did. it is from JVIR volume 22 number 6 June 2011.
You can also find a lot of other related materials from the references they provided.
title:" Radioembolization in combination with systemic chemotherapy as first-line therapy for liver metastases from colorectal cancer."  by.
Suzanne Kosmider,MBBS etc
I will just list the stats they provided on table 4 ,for more details ,you need to read the whole article .
Table 4: Adverse Events at 1,3,and 6 months after Radioembo and chemotherapy (N=19) ; total number of patients participated in the study=19.

Interval/event             Grade 2         Grade 3       Grade 4      Grade5(death)

0-4 Weeks                                                                   
Febrile neutropenia           ---                 1                 ----            ----
Abdominal pain                  4                 3                  ---              --
Fatigue                               6                4                   ---             ---

4-12 Weeks
Bilirubin                              4                 1                 ---               ---
AST                                     4                1                 ----             ----
Gastritis                               2                4                  ----            ---
Gastric ulceration              ---                ---                  1            -------
Liver dysfunction                  4               ----               ----               1
Anorexia                              6                3                    1             ----
Ascites                                 4               1                    ----           ---

12-24 Weeks
Neuropathy                          2                1                  ----             ----
Han foot and skin syndrome ---              1                  ------         ----

The treatment -related death was from presumed radiation hepatitis occur 2 months after RE and FOLFOX chemotherapy; the author believed this outcome could not have been predicted.
Therewas no evidence of radiation pneumonitis reported in this series.
The most common serious complications of RE results from inadvertent distribution of Y90 microshperes into the lining of the gut, resulting in gastritis or duodenitis. Six  patients(32%) developed such symptoms despite all receiving prophylaxis,however only three patients were confirmed by endoscopy. And please remember,this is rather a small patients population study and may not completely represent the correct outcome of adverse events % and benefits of radioembolization,further study will be need to confirm the results.

God bless.

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