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I just had a great day, I started the day with blood draws, 6 month CT and MRI scans, doctor visit, and ended the day with an award ceremony and reception for my hero, Dr. Chapman.
I had great scans so I am now 3 years and 2 months cancer free!! Dr. Crippin spent my office visit time discussing my trip to Charleston SC. He was so excited about how great I was doing he didn't want to talk medically!!!
I then had the honor to be invited to an award ceremony for Dr. Chapman. The cermony was very impressive with the president of Barnes starting the speeches and Dr. Chapman ending the speeches. Dr. Chapman talked about transplant and reasons why and then spent a long time talking about CC!!! He talked about Wayne Parsons wife (showing her picture) and then introduced our Wayne!! Wayne flew in from Hawaii for 72 hours to be there and yes I got to meet and visit with this member of our CC family!!! Dr. Chapman continued talking about CC and then the next thing a picture of my daughter and I was on the screen and he was explaining how transplants do work for CC!!! I made sure at the reception time that people knew how humble he had been, because he never mentioned how I had 2 because he wouldn't give up!!! I was so honored to be there so he could put a face to his trial making it personal and not a clinical study and to also meet our CC family member Wayne Parson.
Lauren, Tiff,  Kris, Lisa Patty... this has been a bad week for CC , losing our dear friend Kim but I am here to remind you there is HOPE!!! Keep praying and fighting and you will be paying it forward too.
Lots of prayers and thank yous for all the prayers-Cathy

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Hi Cathy,

That's indeed very excitng for you! I am new to the site and have recieved so many help already from people on this site. Unfortunately my mom is not a candidate for transplant, but it may be a good option for those who are. Your story is truly inspiring.



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Cathy….we should establish a new category:

Cathy – poster girl for Liver transplantation.

Congratulations all the way around – a fantastic CT report, meeting up with Wayne and his family, and attending and participating in Dr. Chapman’s award event.  Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful happening.   
You just know how to brighten our day.


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You are just the brightest ray of sunshine. The perfect poster girl for Liver Transplantation. Isn't it the best feeling to meet a fellow member. We are so lucky to have Lisa near us. We have the best time when we have lunch together. Lauren and Lisa can talk about things that no one else would be comfortable talking about. For the time we are together, I think they both feel normal and are truly happy. Congratulations on your great scans. I am so happy for you!

Love, -Pam

My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

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Your right! There is hope! I go next month for my scan, and to talk about maybe a transplant at MDA. If not, on to the next doctor...your hero! I'm going to get my cure.
Yes, it was a hard week with the loss of our dear friend, but I know she is with us.
Love you Cathy!

~Tiffany~ Fighting CC since 10-27-2011
Wife to Brian; Mommy to Carter (11) and Madison (8)
Liver transplant 7-9-2013

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Cathy, congrats. It is so good to read about the success stories of our disease.
I wish I was a transplant candidate but they told me because I have had metastisis in the liver that ruled me out.......praying this radiation kills my tumors and no new ones arrive...awe to be cancer free...what a wonderful thought and it is possible with God.

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