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Topic: Oncologists with CC experience in Phoenix area?

We are planning to relocate from east coast to Phoenix area (south Scottsdale, hopefully) to be near my husbands older sons.  Is anyone on this site in that area?  Anyone have any suggestions for oncology care in the area? 

Even if you aren't located in Phoenix area, any suggestions on finding a new oncologist on relocation would be welcome.

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Re: Oncologists with CC experience in Phoenix area?

Lew----- I have relatives in Arizona.  You actually have a Mayo cancer Center located in Scotsdale. Address is 13400 Shea Boulevard.  Contact Number 480-301-8000 is for main information.  You would need to contact Mayo and make sure they are accepting new patients.  Normally that is not a problem for oncology.  When I transfered to Kansas the only problem I had was finding a primary care doctor that participated in my meidcal insurance program that was accepting new patients. You can do a release of information form where your at before you leave and take records with you or have them sent to new oncologist and primary care Doctor.  I requested and got a summary referral letter ogf my DX, past treatments, and current status.  Good luck with the move. I moved from the east coast (Maine) about 6 years ago.

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Re: Oncologists with CC experience in Phoenix area?

Thank you for the great advice............lew

Re: Oncologists with CC experience in Phoenix area?

hi...i life in north scottsdale and my wife is just starting treatment at the Piper Center at Scottsdale Heath Care Shea Campus...Dr. Tiro is our oncologist...