Topic: Update on my dad.

My dad hasgone an incredible 7 years this August post diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma (klatskin tumour). He is doing relatively well. He is a bit jaundiced right now and has some ascites in his abdomen. His liver function is not bad. His albumin levels are a bit low. He had internal stents for 6 1/2 years but now has an external drain. He has lost quite a bit of weight. He is at home with us where his wife, me (his son), my wife and my 2 little children look after him. Not sure what the future holds but we remain positive.
Thoughts and prayers with you all as always.

Re: Update on my dad.

Narinder, thank you for the update on your Dad.  I am sorry he is going through this ordeal however, like you said 7 years is incredible! You give everyone more hope. Your family are wonderful Caretakers and I am sure the 2 little children are the best Rx there is! Positive and good attitude helps a lot and we look forward to more good updates from you!


Re: Update on my dad.

Narinder,  Your dad has really done remarkable! When my husband lost weight we were able to get it back on and maintain it with whey protein shakes, made with whey powder (we used vanilla) , fresh fruit, frozen fruit, juice, and milk.  You can get whey powder at the pharmacy.
How wonderful he has such great family support around him. I bet he sure enjoys those grandkids!
Hugs. Nancy

Loving my husband from afar.