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My dad is losing this battle. I am getting desperate and looking for anything that might work. He had 3 shots of chemo directly into the liver artery..........nothing.
Has anyone had luck with regular chemo?
I have done some reading on Sorafenib and sounds good. Has anyone been offered this at Mayo in M.N.?



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Soraphenib was looking very promising for many GI cancers, but the reports that came out of the the last two ASCO meetings were very disappointing.  We've had a few patients on the website who tried it and neither fared well.  Of course, consult with your Dr. but be sure you have seen the latest information before you make a decision.


Re: Sorafenib, is there a certain criteria?

Thank You Stacie. 


Re: Sorafenib, is there a certain criteria?

My wife, Kathleen, began taking Sorafenib about six weeks ago.  She is taking half the dose (because of side effects she had with Tarceva) and is tolerating it well.  She was seen at Mayo (MN) last week and her largest lung tumor was actually smaller (15mm to 13mm) since last measured in July.  Her liver tumors are stable.  I don't know how much of that can be attributed to Sorafenib but her doctor did not rule it out since she has had no other treatment since Therasphere in February.

I'm not sure what the disappointing results are that Stacie referred to because I recall  a lot of positive news about sorafenib's impact on liver cancer this summer.  Of course the good news was that it increased average survival time by something like four or five months but from small things big things come.

Good luck.


P.S.  You specifically referred to Mayo-MN. Kathleen's doctor there is Lewis Roberts and I would highly recommend him.   Her Mpls phyician also recommended sorafenib.  Insurance covered it and the drug manufacturer has been great to work with.

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Thanks Bill

I will have my dad call about it monday. 

Thanks everyone for your support.


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I believe the information regarding sorafenib is contradictory.  There have been releases this year regarding the improvements in expectancy when using sorafenib to treat liver cancer.  Worth noting, the results presented at the ASCO conference in June indicated approximately a 3-month overall improvement in survival.  (from 7.9 months on "standard" treatments to 10.7 months on the sorafenib protocol)

That being said, similar improvements have not been seen in cholangiocarcinoma when treated with sorafenib alone.  I think you will see this reflected by some of the patients on this site that participated in the sorafenib study that was recruiting people in late 2005/early 2006.  Of course, no two patients on this site seem to respond similarly, so what is good/bad for one does not necessarily translate for the rest of the community.

There is a paper coming out of Germany that indicates MS-275 used alone, or in conjunction with anticancer agents (such as sorafenib) inhibits the growth of human cholangiocarcinoma cells.  This study is coming from the bench, and I am unaware of any clinical trials emerging from this early study.  But I'm including the text of the abstract in the research section in the event that anyone is interested in reading.

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